Lolo Company Empowers and Simplifies Global IoT Connectivity

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Hear how Lolo Company uses virtual 6WIND Virtual CG-NAT to empower and simplify global IoT Connectivity

In this webinar, our guest speaker Per Johdet from Lolo Company showcases their unique solution for managing connected devices via APIs:

  • Making provisioning
  • Real-time dynamic rules
  • Usage accounting

Simple and manageable for global any-bearer connectivity.

Per also describes how Lolo Company uses 6WIND’s Virtual CG-NAT in their solution.

Followed by Michel Bou Sleiman, who explores the challenges service providers face in managing IPv4 addresses and how the 6WIND Virtual CG-NAT solution is solving their problems and helping them scale up to multiple Tbps.

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Webinar Speakers

Per Johdet
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Per Johdet

Co-Founder at Lolo Company.

Technologist and engineering leader with world-class background in monetization, networking, and cloud.

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Michel Bou Sleiman

Technical Solutions Architect at 6WIND.

Multi-Disciplinary technology Adviser focusing on Service Provider, Cloud, SDN, Data Center and Security networks.