About 6WIND

We are the leading high Performance and Secure networking software company

What we do

We deliver virtualized, cloudified, distributed high performance & secure networking software solutions to support new applications such as 5G, IoT, SD-WAN.

6WIND software is deployed globally by Service Providers, Systems Integrators and Tier-1 OEMs, allowing customers to replace expensive hardware with flexible software solutions for routing and end to end security use cases.

At 6WIND, our mission is simple.

Our goal is to provide leading-edge networking software solutions at the best cost-performance ratio with unparalleled security and functionality to ISPs and OEMs

We believe that agility, flexibility, performance, security and virtualization capabilities are key to supporting new applications such as 5G, IoT, SD-WAN. Through its product portfolio, 6WIND delivers software solutions to address applications like Telemedicine, AI, RPA, Automation, Machine Learning, Smart City, etc.

Our core values

Our core values are designed to give us a common vision and goal to achieve job satisfaction and success in our every day lives.

They help us enjoy our time at work whilst making the right decisions to help customers achieve their objectives.

Customer Centric

Every decision at 6WIND, at every level of the organization, is made with customer success in mind. The reason we do what we do is to help our customers succeed. When our customers succeed, we succeed.