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6WIND clients access valuable 6WIND software resources customized for their specific project needs, via a dedicated password-protected Customer Zone website that includes information covering

TSR (Technical Support Request) logs tracking trouble tickets and problems, along with details on the resolution of each issue.

6WINDGate maintenance releases

6WINDGate documentation

Upcoming Training Sessions

6WIND VSR standard training is scheduled twice a month. Each training is composed of 4 half-days sessions. Every month, 2 remote sessions are organized in different time zone:

Americas – EMEA next training sessions (from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm CET)
January 30th – February 2nd, 2023
February 13th – February 16th, 2023
March 27th – March 30th, 2023
April 24th – April 27th, 2023
May 22nd – May 25th, 2023
June 26th – June 29th, 2023
Asia – EMEA next training sessions (from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm CET)
February 7th – February 10th, 2023
March 7th – March 10th, 202
April 4th – April 7th, 2023
May 2nd – May 5th, 2023
May 22nd – May 25th, 2023
June 6th – June 9th, 2023
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Next-Generation Network Foundation

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Virtual Accelerator

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6WIND Products

6WINDGate, Virtual Service Routers, Virtual Accelerator

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System Requirements

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Supported Processors

Intel Xeon E5-1600/2600/4600 v2 family (Ivy Bridge EP)

Intel Xeon E5-1600/2600/4600 v3 family (Haswell EP)

Intel Xeon E5-1600/2600/4600 v4 family (Broadwell EP)

Intel Xeon E7-2800/4800 v2 family (Ivy Bridge EX)

Intel Xeon E7-2800/4800 v3 family (Haswell EX)

Intel Xeon E7-4800/8800 v4 family (Broadwell)

Intel Xeon Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze family (Icelake, Skylake, Cascadelake)

Intel Atom C3000 family (Denverton)

Intel Xeon D family

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Supported Ethernet NICs

Intel 1G 82573, 82576, 82580, I210, I211, I350, I354 (igb)

Intel 10G 82598, 82599, X520, X540, X550 (ixgbe)

Intel 40G X710, XL710, X722, XXV710 (i40e)

Intel 25G/100G E810 (ice)

Mellanox 10G/25G/40G/50G/100G Connect-X 4/5/6 (mlx5)

Broadcom NetExtreme E-Series (bnxt)

Virtio, SR-IOV, PCI passthrough, VMXNET3

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Board Reference

NXP LS1046

Marvell Octeon TX

Ampere eMAG

Ampere v2

Huawei Taishan v2


You will find here 6WIND standard contracts for 6WIND Software for software license and maintenance agreements for perpetual license and subscriptions.

Perpetual Licenses 

Evaluation Licenses