Virtual Accelerator

Hypervisor Acceleration for Virtual Machine Performance

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6WIND Virtual Accelerator® software provides a solution to power the hypervisor with the required features for virtual networking infrastructure used in Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Data Center Virtualization or Network Appliance Virtualization use cases.

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A fully supported DPDK-based software data plane available since 2013

Line rate hypervisor networking

Accelerated virtual switching (Open vSwitch and Linux bridge) and networking (Overlays for multi-tenancy, L3 routing, VRF, ACLs, NAT, IPsec, QoS, TCP offloads and more)

Preserves standard Linux commands (tcpdump, iptables, IPsec/XFRM, etc.) for ease of deployment and operation

Supports standard network management tools including OpenStack and SDN controllers

Supports existing and unmodified workloads through standard Virtio drivers

Scalable software-based switching enables Service Chaining

No SR-IOV or PCI Passthrough

Increase VM density and performance on COTS servers

Popular use cases include uCPE and Software-defined Networking (SDN) virtual routing and switching solutions. It is deployed in the KVM hypervisor to offer a high performance alternative to SR-IOV and PCI passthrough that break virtualization.



Virtual Accelerator

Powering hypervisor acceleration for virtual networking infrastructure for OEMs & ISPs

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