6WIND Virtual Accelerator

The SDN Virtual Border Router for Service Providers and Enterprises

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4G/5G networks converge data and voice traffic onto a single IP-based network. Converged traffic makes an easy target for potential disruptions to have big impacts.

Hypervisors, which are the virtualization layer, or foundation, include key SDN enabling technologies such as the virtual switch.

 As the foundation for SDN and NFV architecture, the hypervisor has taken on many tasks previously done in specialized hardware such as routing, switching, security and multi-tenancy. The hypervisor also has to support the performance requirements of 10, 25, 40 and 100G interfaces. These are tremendous burdens for hypervisors that require horsepower.

Nuage Networks Success with 6WIND’s SDN vRouter

Nuage Networks integrates 6WIND’s Virtual Accelerator SDN vRouter within its Accelerated Virtual Routing & Switching (AVRS) platform for increased performance.

6WIND vrouter for SDN Scalability

Using 6WIND’s vRouter to implement a Multi-cloud Service Provider solution delivers multiple benefits

Kontron integrates 6WIND Virtual Accelerator SDN vRouter within its SYMKLOUD NFV platform as well.

6WIND’s Virtual Accelerator is an SDN vRouter that solves SDN performance bottlenecks in the hypervisor domain for Enterprises and Service Providers.

6WIND’s Virtual Accelerator vRouter reduces compute resources to maximize VM density and performance with non-intrusive virtual switch acceleration and network infrastructure features including multi-tenancy, routing and firewall. It eliminates SR-IOV and PCI Passthrough to preserve virtualization.

6WIND’s vRouter can run in any environment including Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers with connectivity from 1G to multiple 100Gs in bare metal and virtual machine (VM) configurations

One single vRouter instance can handle more than 100 customers with high performance requirements

Customer separation is assured through the usage of Virtual Routing & Forwarding (VRF)

6WIND’s vRouter provides all required features off-the-shelf

6WIND’s vRouter management is NETCONF/Yang-based for easy automation