Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) solutions

The move to the edge is all about efficient data processing and involves decentralizing services

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Moving the traffic and service processing to the Edge

Moving applications closer to the edge, reducing workload in data centers and cloud computing, enhancing efficiency, lowering network traffic, and reducing connectivity costs

6WIND’s MEC solution was recently launched to address the challenges of delivering cutting-edge virtualized network functions tailored to deliver high performance and ultra-low latency and moving traffic and services from the core to the edge, offering a solution that disaggregates and distributes network functions at the edge.

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6WIND’s MEC solution

In summary, 6WIND’s MEC solution focuses on virtualizing network functions and distributing them at the edge to enable high-performance movement of traffic and services closer to the customer. By doing so, it addresses the challenges associated with moving services from the core to the edge, and offers customers a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

MEC offers several benefits while delivering virtualized network functions

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Decentralize Service

Move Applications To Edge

Reduce workload (DC & CC)

Enhance efficiency

Lower network traffic

Reduce connectivity cost

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