Virtual Border Router (vBR)

6WIND Virtual Border Router® is a high-performance Peering Router that allows two Internet networks to connect and exchange traffic. It is deployed bare-metal, virtualized, or containerized on COTS servers in private and public clouds.


CLI and NETCONF/YANG management options with YANG-based NETCONF APIs

1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G Ethernet support includes Intel, Mellanox and Broadcom NICs

16+ million packets per second per core of IP Forwarding performance, scalable

Over 8 million routes

Virtual machine deployments on VMware ESXi, Linux KVM and Amazon Web Services

Bare metal deployments on Intel® Xeon® and Atom® based servers

Scale routing performance from 1G to over 800G

46Gbps/CPU Core (@IMIX), scalable, over 800G per single instance

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Virtual Border Router (Peering Router)

A Peering Router allows two Internet networks to connect and exchange traffic. 6WIND vBR scales routing performance from 1G to over 800G per single instance with multiple full routes support combined with a fast route lookup and an ultra-low convergence time.

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The 6WIND Virtual Border Router solution includes all the features and capabilities needed to deliver a Border Router (Peering Router) service.

Its optimized design and its fast route lookup implementation delivers high scalability, high performance and low convergence time allowing optimal routing decisions.

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The Multi-cloud Virtual Border Router for Service Providers.

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Reduce CO2

6WIND turns Green Tech by helping CSPs Reduce Energy Consumption by Two-thirds!

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Netscout Arbor Replaces VyOS vRouters with 6WIND Virtual Border Router

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6WIND Virtual Border Router Deployment Guide

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Unleashing the Power of 6WIND vBR: The Next Generation Peering Router

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