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Accelerate your time to market & revenue with 6WINDGate

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Build high performance reliable networking solutions and accelerate your time to market & revenue with 6WINDGate.

With 6WINDGate, we enable network solutions builders to safely secure their product roadmaps and business plans. 6WINDGate helps you shorten your products time to market and provide you the independence from expensive networking hardware while delivering the high performance and security necessary for software to replace hardware.

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6WIND’s solutions based on its 6WINDGate core technology enable customers to build a variety of reliable, High performance and scalable networking applications ready to deploy bare metal or in virtual machines or containers for the private and public clouds.

6WIND’s solutions are thus designed to address the above challenges:

De-risk product feasibility and ensure stability

Build product grade solutions with challenging time to market constraints

Build cloud native products with enhanced resiliency and scalability capabilities.

Ensure robustness while delivering high performance

Ensure maintainability and product evolutions

Support multiple deployment options

6WINDGate is a complete accelerated Layer 2-4 networking solution that provides high performance along with scalability. Designed with a modular approach it enables OEMs, TEPs and NEMs to innovate and build reliable and highly efficient networking solutions.

The Foundation for next generation networking applications

Through 6WINDGate, 6WIND provides its customers independence from expensive networking hardware while delivering the high performance necessary for software on white box servers to replace hardware.

6WINDGate combines more than 350-man years of development time to deliver a highly reliable and efficient technology used for building various networking solutions including:

Packet Inspection Applications (Next generation firewalls, UTM, Lawful intercept, DPI)

Telecom Applications (EPC, NG-Core, RAN, NG-RAN, Security Gateways)

Service Providers and Enterprise Applications (SDN/NFV, SD-WAN, SASE, VPN concentrators).



Evolved packet Core



Deep Packets Inspection Solutions



Internet of Things



Next Generation Core Network



Security Gateways



Unified Threat Management



Secure Access Service Edge



Software Defined Wide Area Network

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High Performance Proxy Applications

6WIND’s customers can leverage the 6WINDGate Accelerated L2-L3 networking stack in combination with the TCP/UDP and TLS/DTLS capabilities to build different types of High-performance TCP/UDP based networking applications.

The range of applications that can be covered by this solution includes:

Performance Enhancement Proxy (PEP)

SSL proxy

Traffic Management solutions

High Performance Packet Inspection Applications

6WINDGate provides an extension plugin that enables customers integrate with 3rd party packet inspection engines, to build a variety of high-performance Packet inspection-based applications.

The range of applications that can be covered by this solution includes:

High performance IDS

High Performance IPS

Firewalling solutions

Anti DDos solutions

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High Performance Specialized Telecom Applications

6WINDGate provides the needed networking solutions to accelerate the development of carrier-grade telecom applications. This includes solutions for the 3G/4G and 5G network applications. Customers can leverage the 6WINDGate to build applications for the radio access, for the edge or for the core network. With its High performance and scalable IPsec implementation, 6WIND offers a reliable solution to design and build end-to-end security telecom applications.

The range of applications that can be addressed by these solutions includes

Application for the RAN (CU, DU)

Application for securing access and transport (security at CU/DU, Security Gateways at Core)

Applications for the core network (EPC, NG-Core)

Applications for the Edge (UPF)

High performance Routing and Security Network Applications

The 6WINDGate solution can be used to provide OEMs with an accelerated networking foundation for building service providers (ISP, CSP, Datacenter, etc.) and enterprises product-grade networking applications.

The range of applications that can be covered by this solution includes:

Scalable Security applications

Efficient virtual networking and virtual switching acceleration for NFV infrastructures (Datacenter and uCPE)

High performance routing applications

Large scale NAT applications

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