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Service Providers across the globe are currently leveraging virtual routing in various parts of their networks, including the data centers, the network edge and in customer premises equipment (CPE).

The migration to 5G wireless and uCPE is seeing massive acceleration in virtualization and cloudification adoption.

Meeting Customer Challenges

Service Providers face many pain points when building their networking services. Some of these key challenges we have heard our customers talk about are cost reduction, moving to software solutions without sacrificing performance, scalability, flexibility and automation. The biggest challenge is the seamless migration from hardware to disaggregated and distributed solutions with minimal operational disruption.

At 6WIND, we help our customers by not only delivering on these key challenges but resolving all their pain points to help them deliver their services seamlessly and cost effectively to their end customer.

mobile sec gateway

Mobile Security Gateway

The Mobile Security Gateway enables mobile operators to set up secure tunnels between network endpoints by encrypting the traffic so that it can flow across these endpoints in a safe way.
The solution is built with the 6WIND vRouter product and provides :

End-to-End encryption and secure IPsec tunnels

Support of authentication against a centralized certificate authority

Support for physical and virtual deployments (NFV)

Scalability and redundancy (High availability)

High network performance

Efficiency with reduced operational costs and complexity

Secure IoT infrastructure

The Secure IoT infrastructure solution enables IoT service providers deliver an end-to-end secure service to their customers that ensures data integrity and guaranties the protection of management traffic. The solution relies on the 6WIND vRouter product to provide:

Security Appliance for Bare metal and virtual deployments

High performance and High availability multi-tenant VPN concentrator (for Data and management traffic)

VNF for uCPE secured communication layer

Firewall and encryption capabilities for End-to-End privacy and data security across private and public networks

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virtual cg nat use case

Carrier-Grade NAT

The Carrier-Grade NAT solution enables Internet and telecom Service Providers overcome the exhaustion of public IPv4 addresses by leveraging IPv4 to IPv4 (NAT44) or IPv6 to IPv4 (NAT64) translations to optimize their private networks usage and sustain a rapid growth in the number of subscribers and devices. The solution is based on the 6WIND vRouter product and provides:

High performance Carrier-Grade NAT software solution

Support of NAT44, NAT64 and DNS64

Native support for physical and virtual deployments (NFV)

High scalability to address rapid growth in the number of subscribers and devices

Rich features including Endpoint-independent Mapping (EIM), Endpoint-independent Filtering (EIF), port preservation, hair-pinning and address pooling for a seamless user experience across a NAT environment



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vPE, vCSR, vSecGW, vCGNAT, vBR, vCPE

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vPE, vCSR, vSecGW, vCGNAT, vBR, vCPE

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vPE, vCSR, vSecGW, vCGNAT, vBR, vCPE

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