6WIND Turbo Router® is used by worldwide Internet Service Providers as a Software Border Router to replace legacy hardware routers with virtual routers. It is deployed bare metal or in virtual machines on white box servers.


$2,950 10G vRouter competes with Cisco ASR 1000 Series

Software Licenses: 5G to 200G on x86 Servers and Virtual Machines

Reach over 100 Gbps on a Cheap 8 Core x86 Server


  • 16 million packets per second / 20 Gbps per core of IP Forwarding performance, scalable
  • Multiple full Internet routes, leading convergence times and fast route lookups
  • Features include IPv4 / IPv6 routing, BGP, OSPF, FlowSpec, Policy Based Routing and more
  • CLI and NETCONF/YANG management options with YANG-based NETCONF APIs
  • Telemetry and analytics monitor network status and performance


Global ISPs such as everyWAN, Grape, JHComp, Minorisa, PIT US /Chile, UVT and more have successfully replaced Cisco, Juniper and MikroTik hardware routers and Brocade / VyOS vRouters with 6WIND Border Router software.


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