Top 6 Drivers for Architectural Change to CSP IP Networks


Why the need for Architecture Change for CSP IP Networks?

Communications service providers (CSPs) want and expect radical changes in their IP networks. Driving the need for network change are requirements to scale capacity while drastically reducing costs and to support new revenue sources based on cloud models.

Today, the pervasiveness of the public cloud is evident in 5G network builds, edge computing strategies, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) services, and the overall accelerating migration of hyperscalers—including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google—into telecommunications.

Eyeing the changing dynamics between CSPs and cloud providers, Heavy Reading launched a survey of 100 network operator respondents globally in April 2021. The aim was to learn more about service providers’ views and strategies for next-generation IP networks, including disaggregation, cloud-native technologies, and other innovations.


*Source is Heavy Reading. A Radical Network Change to Cloud: Heavy Reading IP Networks Survey Analysis

Many factors are driving the need for architectural change, but cost reduction tops the list by a considerable amount, as it was cited by 62% of respondents. Forming a strong second tier of drivers are several other factors, including the move to a cloud strategy (selected by 44%), network scale (selected by 42%), and greater vendor diversity (selected by 39%).

While the need for network scale is expected—and fully consistent with past research—the strong showing of cloud strategy stands out and is most likely the result of the new dynamics between service and cloud providers, which are becoming partners and competitors at the same time. Respondents are essentially weighing scale and cloud in equal measure as they build their next-gen strategies.

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