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6WIND leads technical innovation by helping customers migrate from expensive proprietary hardware to software networking appliances. For the past decade, worldwide customers rely on 6WIND’s routing, security and TCP networking stacks to design the highest performing networking equipment in the industry.

In 2013, 6WIND launched the (Data Plane Development Kit) open source project before successfully transferring it to the Linux Foundation in 2017. Initially designed for Intel architectures, DPDK is now the de facto framework to provide standardized services for high performance packet processing and a networking foundation for 5G.

6WIND’s flagship 6WINDGate foundation is high performance packet processing software designed natively on DPDK. 6WINDGate has been successfully deployed in 3G and 4G mobile infrastructure by major telecom equipment providers for EPC and vEPC including NEC and Mavenir and many more. Today, 6WIND helps its customers smoothly transition to 5G architectures.

6WINDGate provides a comprehensive software networking stack for developing high performance TCP-based applications:

Complete accelerated and low-latency TCP stack for IPv4 and IPv6 with TLS/DTLS extensions to be used for server or proxy applications.

Acceleration of all data plane features required to connect the accelerated TCP application to network infrastructures including switching, routing, virtual routing, encapsulation, firewall, security, QoS and more for a wide range of environments (bare metal, virtual machines, containers, public clouds).

Linux-friendly architecture helps developers focus on application-level software to quickly differentiate their products and shorten time-to-market.

Complete NETCONF / YANG management architecture to extend and customize monitoring and analytics.

Support for Intel and Arm platforms.

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High Performance TCP Requirements

HTTP has become the underlying protocol for almost all networking applications. TCP sockets, the objects used by computer programs to build HTTP applications, have revealed their limits in terms of performance and capacity.

To overcome these limitations, 6WIND has developed a high-performance TCP stack outside of the operating system that relies on an event-based socket API to implement the TCP application. This architecture provides zero-copy operation and low latency-calls between the TCP stack and the application to significantly increase performance and capacity. The accelerated TCP stack can be used in both server and proxy modes.

On an Intel platform, 6WINDGate TCP delivers 12 Gbps per core of traffic with 8 million active concurrent sockets and 7.1 million transactions per second (TPS).

6WINDGate’s TCP stack can be provided with a TLS/DTLS module to accelerate SSL connections and combined with other 6WINDGate networking modules including Layer 2, IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding, firewall / NAT, Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) and more to provide a complete solution.

6WIND’s software solution includes services to help customers integrate the 6WINDGate TCP stack with the application (Fast Path Socket Integration Layer).


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