6WIND Turbo Appliance Overview

What is 6WIND Turbo Router?

Part of the 6WIND vRouter family, Turbo Router is a full featured software router and provides advanced networking functions that include routing (L3 forwarding) and stateful firewall.

What is 6WIND Turbo IPsec?

Part of the 6WIND vRouter family, Turbo IPsec is a software IPsec gateway that provides advanced networking functions including routing (L3 forwarding), stateful firewall and IPsec VPNs with IKE support.

What is 6WIND Turbo Appliances’ advantage versus competing commercial software packages and open source?

The 6WIND Turbo Appliances’ advantage is as follows:
• The 6WIND Turbo Appliances deliver a cost-effective value proposition to replace proprietary equipment with networking software on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers.
• The 6WIND Turbo Appliances provide similar if not better performance compared to legacy equipment and a performance and support advantage versus open source solutions.
• The 6WIND Turbo Appliances can be implemented either in bare metal or virtualized environments using the same software thus allowing an incremental upgrade path from bare metal to virtualization.
• Using a 6WIND Turbo Appliance in a virtualized environment provides unrivalled flexibility for network provisioning and management.

Are 6WIND Turbo Appliances a proven technology?

Yes, the 6WIND Turbo Appliances are based on the proven 6WINDGate technology that has been deployed for years in Tier 1 networks worldwide.

What are the vRouter applications for the 6WIND Turbo Router?

Border Router, CG-NAT, uCPE VNF, Multi-cloud vRouter and more.

What are the applications for the 6WIND Turbo IPsec?

• Securing mobile network infrastructures (backhaul and eNodeB inter-communications).
• Site-to-site VPN.
• IPsec VPN aggregation.

My performance requirements are modest compared to the performance of the Turbo Appliances. Should I consider using the Turbo Appliances and for which reasons?

Yes, the 6WIND Turbo Appliances are software solutions that provide optimal performance based on the chosen hardware platform. Thus, the performance and scalability of the 6WIND Turbo Appliances are a function of the hardware characteristics of the platform (CPU, frequency, cores, memory, etc.). Using 6WIND Turbo Appliances for smaller configurations saves processing resources for implementing other networking functions and applications thus enabling cost savings at the equipment or system level.

How To Buy

How are 6WIND Turbo Appliances sold?

The 6WIND Turbo Appliances are licensed per server (bare metal or virtual machine). Standard licensing model is a perpetual licensing model.
Several configurations are available per the delivered performance. A 6WIND Turbo Router is sold for a defined throughput (2G, 5G, 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G). A 6WIND Turbo IPsec is sold for defined throughput and a defined number of IPsec tunnels, up to 50,000 tunnels.

Do 6WIND Turbo Appliances include any GPL software?

The 6WIND Turbo Appliance software is a mix of software under GPL or other open source licenses and 6WIND license. Software under open source license included in the 6WIND Turbo Appliances is listed in the Publicly Available Software document available with every software release.

Do 6WIND Turbo Appliances implement cryptography. Is 6WIND authorized to export such a technology?

6WIND Turbo IPsec implements cryptography. 6WIND has all the required authorizations to export cryptography to all countries that are not under embargo. We have a dedicated document that details our export license.
6WIND Turbo Router does not implement any cryptography and is not submitted to export control.

How do I order and purchase Turbo Appliance software packages, support and services?

Please Contact 6WIND for ordering information here.


What are some of the main features of 6WIND Turbo Appliances?

These are some of the features available for Turbo Router

  • VLAN
  • LAG
  • GRE
  • IPv4 Forwarding
  • IPv6 Forwarding
  • Tunneling (IPinIP)
  • IPv4/IPv6 ACLs
  • NAT
  • Flow Inspection / Packet Capture
  • VRF
  • RIP, RIPng
  • OSPFv2, v3
  • BGP, BGP4+
  • BFD
  • VRRP

Turbo IPsec has all of the above features plus

  • Intel® Multi-Buffer Crypto
  • Intel® Quickassist Crypto
  • IPsec IPv4
  • IPsec IPv6
  • IPsec SVTI
  • Security – IKEv1 and IKEv2
  • Security – IKE add-on – VPN monitoring

Please refer to the 6WIND Turbo Appliance data sheets for latest information.

Note: for features not listed contact a 6WIND sales representative


What are some of the management interfaces?

The 6WIND Turbo Appliances can be managed using:

  • Remote access with SSH, including TACAS support
  • Its industry-standard CLI with help and completion and management of configuration files to save and restore a complete and consistent configuration in one command
  • The NETCONF/YANG API for integration with third-party network management solutions
  • Advanced monitoring based on time series collection and visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • SNMP

Performance And Scalability

How does 6WIND Turbo Appliances achieve such high performance?

The Turbo Appliances are built on top of 6WINDGate fast path technology, which dedicates a set of CPU cores to perform accelerated packet forwarding and ‘offloads’ the forwarding task from the Linux kernel.

How does 6WIND Turbo Appliance performance compare to standard Linux?

Standard Linux-based routing and IPsec have nowhere near the performance and efficiency of the 6WIND Turbo Appliances. The Turbo Router and the Turbo IPsec appliances have outstanding performance characteristics and are validated by a third party, SDxCentral, to deliver over 50x performance increases versus standard Linux applications.

How does 6WIND Turbo Appliances performance compare to their hardware counterparts?

Testing shows that the performance of the Turbo Router and Turbo IPsec on bare metal approaches that of similarly configured hardware appliances, while VM performance approaches bare metal as well. Check out the SDxCentral Performance Report.

How does the cost of your Turbo Appliance software solution compare against purpose-built hardware equipment?

The cost of a hardware or software solution consists of CAPEX and OPEX. In terms of CAPEX, the 6WIND Turbo Appliance solution can save you up to 80% versus hardware equipment costs. The 6WIND Turbo Appliance solution includes the x86 server and hypervisor costs.

In terms of OPEX, the biggest difference is in the cost to scale or add more capacity and quickly bring up new services. The 6WIND Turbo Appliances will save you money since adding more capacity is as simple as adding another CPU core, NIC or VM and adding a new service is a matter of bringing a new instance online. A hardware router requires rack space, power, cabling, etc.

Processor Support

What processors are supported?

For bare metal deployments, x86 Intel processors are supported and 6WIND will continue to support Intel’s latest processors (see datasheet for more information). Otherwise, the 6WIND Turbo Appliances can be deployed in a virtual machine.

Software Platform Support

On which hypervisors can I run the 6WIND Turbo Appliances?

Any hypervisor with Virtio, VMXNET3 or SR-IOV support including KVM and VMware ESXi.

Can I use your 6WIND Turbo Appliances in a VMware or Microsoft environment?

The Turbo Appliances are VNFs (VMs) that can be deployed in a VMware or Microsoft virtual environment using VMXNET3, Virtio or SR-IOV.

Do you provide the hypervisor along with the 6WIND Turbo Appliances?


Boards and System Support

What servers support 6WIND Turbo Appliances?

In bare metal, 6WIND Turbo Appliances run on standard Intel x86 servers and have been tested with Dell, HP and Advantech servers.

Do 6WIND Turbo Router and Turbo IPsec support multi-socket server platforms?

Yes. 6WIND Turbo Appliances are available for 1, 2 and 4 socket Intel x86-based servers.

What NICs do 6WIND Turbo Appliances support?

Cisco, Intel and Mellanox. Please see data sheet for most up to date information.

Do I need your 6WIND Virtual Accelerator to use Turbo Appliances in a virtualized environment?

6WIND Virtual Accelerator is not required to deploy the 6WIND Turbo Appliances.

Do 6WIND Turbo Appliances run on top of SR-IOV?

Yes, 6WIND Turbo Appliances can run on top of SR-IOV.

Which benefits do I receive by deploying 6WIND Turbo Appliances on top of 6WIND Virtual Accelerator?

6WIND Virtual Accelerator is a pure software acceleration solution deployed at the hypervisor level. By opposition to hardware techniques such as SR-IOV and PCI pass-through, 6WIND Virtual Accelerator is hardware independent and provides a true virtualization solution with live migration capabilities. 6WIND Virtual Accelerator also uses standard virtio drivers to easily integrate third party virtual networking functions.


What documents are provided with 6WIND Turbo Appliance software?

Quick Start Guide, User Guide, Publicly Available Software, product documentation.


Can I evaluate 6WIND Turbo Appliance software?

Yes. The 6WIND Turbo Appliance software can be evaluated. Please contact 6WIND to request an evaluation here.

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