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Swisscom selects 6WIND for their vPE B2B Services

Paris, France, June 13, 20236WIND, a leading green-tech networking software company specializing in high-performance virtualized and cloud-native network solutions, today announced that they have been selected by Swisscom for their Virtual Provider Edge Router (vPE) for their vFLIR project.

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company is headquartered in Berne. Swisscom brooks no compromise when it comes to serving customer needs; it focuses on service and quality and invests massively in the networks of the future. It is 51% Confederation-owned and is one of Switzerland’s most sustainable and innovative companies.

As part of the project Virtual Fast Lightweight Intelligent Routing (vFLIR), Swisscom intends to serve the B2B market with a new virtual network router. They issued an RFQ looking for a vRouter / vPE as a VNF.

6WIND won the Swisscom RFQ to deliver the vPE solution which is part of the 6WIND VSR Product Suite for their vFLIR project. Currently at Swisscom the VSR is deployed as a Virtual Machine on their cloud infrastructure, and provides both CPE services to the remote locations (DHCP, DNS, NTP, etc) as well as PE capabilities to interconnect the customer network to different services (Internet access, VPN services, Public cloud connectivity, etc.). They automated the deployment and configuration of the router to make it very efficient. 6WIND is providing the virtual Provider Edge Router (vPE) solution.

“6WIND won a very tough RFQ bid which had 15 other participants. One of the key reasons for them winning this project was their solution’s key differentiators that included the best performance to cost ratio and the flexibility and agility of their solutions and their unwavering commitment to understanding and addressing their customers’ needs,” commented Rico Schoch, Head of Solution and Product Management B2B Telco, Swisscom.

6WIND’s high-performance and secure VSR products can be deployed bare-metal, virtualized, or containerized on COTS servers in private, public and hybrid clouds. Powered by 6WIND’s highly efficient network OS (6WNOSä), the VSR products are used by global telecommunication providers to cost effectively deliver high performance and security while optimizing hardware usage and lowering energy consumption by more than 50%.

The 6WIND VSR Product Suite; vPE, vCSR, vSecGW, vCGNAT, vBR, vFW & vCPE, have proven their energy saving capabilities and their impact on reducing the carbon footprint. These solutions deliver high performance, security, scalability, flexibility, openness and agility, to global CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers, Data Centers and Enterprises. These are deployed PNF, VNF, CNF, or cloud-native on COTS servers in private and public clouds.

Julien Dahan, CEO 6WIND stated, “We take immense pride in being selected by Swisscom among the formidable competition, affirming the unrivaled superiority of our VSR software solutions. High performance, security, flexibility, sustainability and agility of our solutions set them apart from the rest. Collaborating with us, Swisscom can confidently trust in possessing the finest product in the market offering the best cost-performance functionality ratio, on which both CSPs and Mobile Operators can rely on to improve their competitiveness.”

About 6WIND

6WIND is a leading Green Tech company that specializes in delivering Virtualized & Cloud-Native networking software. The company is globally recognized as the leading provider of Virtual Service Router software solutions.

6WIND software solutions are deployed by CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers, Data Centers & Enterprises worldwide, enabling them to replace expensive hardware & build highly optimized and sustainable 5G, SD WAN and IoT networks with virtualized networking software solutions for routing and security use cases.

6WIND has a global presence with Headquarters based in Paris – France, Santa Clara, CA – USA and Singapore.

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