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Arbor Networks Replaces VyOS vRouters with 6WIND Virtual Border Router


Santa Clara, CA and Paris, France, September 26, 2018 – 6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, today announced that Arbor Networks, a network security and network monitoring company, successfully replaced its VyOS vRouters with 6WIND Virtual Border Routers within its private enterprise network. Arbor Networks utilizes the routers as part of an internal training network, called The Wargames Network. The Network is used to simulate DDoS attacks, allowing customers to evaluate and train on its Threat Management Systems (TMS) and Arbor Edge Defense (AED).  Arbor Networks was an early adopter of virtualized routing deploying nearly 100 VyOS vRouters for its training network instead of traditional hardware routers. However, performance, reliability and support requirements of the VyOS necessitated a replacement.


Arbor selected 6WIND’s vRouters for the following benefits:


  • Sustained Performance: 6WIND’s Virtual Border Router, based on DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit), allows Arbor to simulate massive DDoS attacks. The VyOS vRouters would become unresponsive, frequently hanging and requiring resets as the attack traffic climbed toward multiple Gbps, thus hindering the attack simulation. With the 6WIND vRouters, the network functions at Arbor’s desired traffic rates above 5Gbps.


  • Scalable Features: Historically, specialized hardware has been required to deliver performance with advanced routing capabilities such as sFlow and GRE. 6WIND’s software-only implementation enables Arbor with a cost-effective solution to support their advanced DDOS attack and remediation strategies on COTS hardware without sacrificing any performance.


  • Reliability: Throughout the simulated DDoS attacks, operational control and visibility into the 6WIND routing network remains fully functional with no impact to performance or command response time enabling Arbor Networks to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of their Threat Management and Arbor Edge Defense Systems.


“6WIND’s vRouters have the best virtual packet processing engine we’ve seen on any virtual routing platform. No other products we’ve looked at perform anywhere close to 6WIND,” said Rick Jenssen, Senior Director of Consulting Systems Engineering at Arbor Networks. “


“6WIND’s vRouters give VyOS/Vyatta users a high performance, feature-rich, reliable, and fully-supported migration path for their routing needs,” said Eric Carmès, Founder and CEO of 6WIND. “We are proud to announce Arbor Networks’ successful migration from VyOS to 6WIND vRouters.”


6WIND’s vRouter is a high performance software router for bare metal and virtual machine deployment on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers. It includes routing, firewalling, NAT and IPsec VPN features with performance scaling from 1G to over 100G.


To read the full Solution Brief on Arbor’s successful 6WIND vRouter deployment visit: http://www.6wind.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Arbor-Networks-Solution-Brief.pdf


About 6WIND

6WIND’s networking software solves performance and time-to-market challenges for OEMs and Network Builders. The company’s flagship vRouter technology is available in software appliance, source code and hypervisor networking form factors optimized for cost-effective hardware, such as Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers. 6WIND is based near Paris, France with regional offices in China and the United States. For more information visit: http://www.6wind.com.

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