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6WIND redefines Virtual Security Gateway Performance on COTS Servers

Achieves 400Gbps IPsec iMIX traffic on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor platform

Santa Clara, USA, Feb 27, 2023 – 6WIND, a leading green-tech company delivering high-performance virtualized & cloud-native networking software to global CSPs, demonstrated, in collaboration with Intel, the high-performance and scalability of its virtual Security Gateway solution (vSecGW) on Intel based platforms.

The 6WIND vSecGW, powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters, proved IPsec performance scalability to 400Gbps with an internet MIX traffic profile (iMIX350B). Furthermore, it demonstrated its high efficiency by delivering more than 25Gbps IPsec performance with a single CPU core. For more details, please refer to white paper.

Thanks to the 6WIND vSecGW, service providers and more specifically network operators can replace legacy physical security gateways with a virtual one running on COTS servers in hybrid environments and delivering higher efficiency, superior deployment flexibility, rich feature set, carrier-grade performance, and high availability at a fraction of the cost.

The 6WIND vSecGW has been designed to support a wide range of network applications, including fixed wireline, wireless or converged networks. Some of the network use cases it covers include: Mobile Security Gateway, Remote Access IPsec VPN, Secure Multi-Cloud Access and Enterprise site-to-site and network-to-network security.

The 6WIND vSecGW runs as a virtual network function (VNF) with industry leading virtualization hypervisors, as a container network function (CNF) in a Kubernetes/docker environments or as a platform network function (PNF) in a bare metal deployment.

As a Mobile Security Gateway, the 6WIND vSecGW can be deployed together with the 6WIND virtual Cell Site Router (vCSR) to provide Mobile Operators with a complete virtualized or containerized end-to-end routing and security service from the cell site to the core network.

“6WIND vSecGW solution once again demonstrates its unparalleled leadership in performance, scalability and efficiency. By demonstrating 400Gbps iMIX IPsec on a single instance we have proven how we help CSPs and MNOs stay competitive by reducing their hardware usage by 3:1 ratio. Our VSR solutions are not only cost-effective but deliver sustainability and efficiency by reducing the energy consumption by over 50%. This coupled with high performance, agility, openness and unparallel security delivers a solution that major CSPs and MNOs rely on globally.” said Julien Dahan, CEO, 6WIND. 

About 6WIND

6WIND is a leading Green Tech company delivering Virtualized & Cloud-Native networking software. They are the worldwide leader for Virtual Service Router software solutions.

6WIND software is deployed globally by CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers, Data Centers & Enterprises, allowing them to replace expensive hardware & build highly optimized and sustainable networks with virtualized networking software solutions for routing and security use cases.

6WIND has a global presence with Headquarters based in Paris – France, Santa Clara, CA – USA and Singapore.


Company Contact:

Neelam Bahal VP, Global Marketing for 6WIND

Phone: +44 7805090701 – neelam.bahal@6wind.com

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