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6WIND Partners with HFCL to Accelerate their Delivery of Optimized & Sustainable 5G Solutions

Paris, France, Feb 7, 2023 6WIND, a leading green-tech networking software company specializing in high-performance virtualized and cloud-native network solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with HFCL Limited, a leading telecom equipment manufacturer and technology provider, to deliver optimized, sustainable and cost effective 5G solutions based on its innovative and market leading Virtual Service Router (VSR) software products.

Network virtualization has gained huge momentum and adoption in the telecommunications industry, both by Service Providers and Cloud Providers. It allows for optimal scalability and sustainability, enabling networks to flexibly and efficiently overcome the never-ending surge in capacity demand; and software-paced innovation, for rapid introduction and application of new services, resulting in new revenue streams and improved competitiveness.

6WIND’s high-performance and secure VSR products can be deployed bare-metal, virtualized, or containerized on COTS servers in private, public and hybrid clouds. Powered by 6WIND’s highly efficient network OS (6WNOSä), the VSR products are used by global telecommunication providers to cost effectively deliver high performance and security while optimizing hardware usage and lowering energy consumption by more than 50%.

With the outstanding and unique performance of 6WIND Virtual Security Gateway (vSecGW) and Virtual Cell Site Router (vCSR) combined with the optimized HFCL hardware design, together, they will develop and build innovative and optimized products that have applications for carriers, cloud providers and enterprise customers to deliver best-in-class network solutions for the 5G market.

The 6WIND vSecGW, deployed virtualized, proves a 400Gbps IMIX IPsec pure software performance on standard Intel x86 COTS servers. The vCSR, on the other hand, deployed in container, delivers more than 40Gbps IMIX performance on a single Intel x86 CPU core. The high-performance per CPU core and the linear scalability of the 6WIND VSR product’s performance are key for enabling efficient, optimized and well-sized solutions that address different network use cases at different scales.

HFCL will pre-integrate, pre-validate and pre-optimize the 6WIND VSR software solution for deployment on generic Intel x86 server platforms (COTS servers) to meet extreme reliability demands for the virtualized environment. 6WIND VSR combined with HFCL’s hardware will support different deployment options that include bare metal as Platform Network Functions (PNFs), virtualized as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), or containerized as Container Network Functions (CNFs).

“6WIND’s virtualized and cloud-native networking software solutions are deployed globally, and we are pleased to partner with them on Virtual Service Router products to help accelerate the 5G adoption within our markets. With these products HFCL & 6WIND will address both India and global markets for high performance virtual service router needs of telecom operators, cloud providers and enterprises.” said Mahendra Nahata, Managing Director, HFCL.

The 6WIND VSR product suite consisting of Virtual Provider Edge Router, Virtual Cell Site Router, Virtual Security Gateway Router, Virtual CGNAT Router, Virtual Border Router and Virtual CPE Router have helped Operators around the globe accelerate their virtualization adoption whilst retaining high performance, security, scalability, flexibility, openness and agility.

“We are delighted to partner with HFCL as this partnership is designed to capitalize on the exponential growth within the Indian 5G market with our disruptive, high performance VSR products which are deployed by leading CSPs globally. We will work together to enable CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers and Enterprises to deliver innovative 5G solutions to their customers in India and globally. We will also be collaborating on private 5G mobility. I’m very excited about this partnership as it will help us penetrate an untapped market with huge potential.” said Julien Dahan, CEO, 6WIND.

About 6WIND

6WIND is a leading Green Tech company delivering Virtualized & Cloud-Native networking software. It is the worldwide leader for Virtual Service Router software solutions.

6WIND software is deployed globally by CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers, Data Centers & Enterprises, allowing them to replace expensive hardware & build highly optimized and sustainable 5G networks with virtualized networking software solutions for routing and security use cases.

6WIND has a global presence with Headquarters based in Paris – France, Santa Clara, CA – USA and Singapore.

Visit www.6wind.com for more information.

Company Contact:

Neelam Bahal VP, Global Marketing for 6WIND

Phone: +44 7805090701 – neelam.bahal@6wind.com

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