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6WIND and eComNet Announce Strategic Partnership

Paris, France & Santa Clara, CA, June 1, 2023 – 6WIND, a leading green-tech networking software company specializing in high-performance virtualized and cloud-native network solutions, today announced their partnership with eComNet to help expand their reach in the Sub-Saharan Africa market.

“I am very excited to be working with 6WIND, to offer our customers a mature and virtual platform to support their next-gen networks,” says Deon Wentzel, eComNet’s Managing Director. “particularly, about adding 6WIND’s virtual CG-NAT solution to our portfolio, to address the growing concern around IPv4 exhaustion with our service provider customers.”

Founded in South Africa in 2004, eComNet is a Pan African distributor that helps broadband, fiber, and network infrastructure organizations utilize their infrastructure to full advantage. eComNet’s  unique, highly specialized product offering includes a 360-degree bouquet of comprehensive services that provides clients with a one-stop-shop, including design, installation and maintenance. In addition, we collaborate closely with clients to develop a proof of concept, ensuring seamless product integration.

6WIND delivers high-performance and secure Virtual Service Router (VSR) Software Solutions, which are deployed bare-metal, virtualized, or containerized on COTS servers in private and public clouds.

The 6WIND VSR Software Solutions help reduce the carbon footprint by lowering the energy consumption by more than 50%.  This is done cost-effectively without sacrificing performance by drastically reducing the hardware required by the networks to deliver their services.

The 6WIND VSR Product Suite; vPE, vCSR, vSecGW, vCGNAT, vBR & vCPE, have proven their energy saving capabilities and their impact on reducing the carbon footprint. These solutions deliver high performance, security, scalability, flexibility, openness and agility, to global CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers, Data Centres and Enterprises. These are deployed PNF, VNF, CNF, or cloud-native on COTS servers in private and public clouds.

“We are thrilled to embrace the inclusion of eComNet within our partner ecosystem. Their extensive expertise, technical prowess, and strong customer connections within the African Service Provider industry make them the perfect partner for 6WIND. By combining eComNet’s wealth of knowledge with 6WIND’s leading VSR products, we collectively empower customers to accelerate their virtualization journey by harnessing the transformative potential of network virtualization,” remarked Julien Dahan, CEO of 6WIND.

About 6WIND

6WIND is a leading Green Tech company that specializes in delivering Virtualized & Cloud-Native networking software. The company is globally recognized as the leading provider of Virtual Service Router software solutions.

6WIND software solutions are deployed by CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers, Data Centers & Enterprises worldwide, enabling them to replace expensive hardware & build highly optimized and sustainable 5G networks with virtualized networking software solutions for routing and security use cases.

6WIND has a global presence with Headquarters based in Paris – France, Santa Clara, CA – USA and Singapore.

Follow 6WIND:

LinkedIn:               https://www.linkedin.com/company/6WIND

Twitter:                 https://twitter.com/6WINDsoftware

Web:                      https://www.6wind.com

Company Contact:

Neelam Bahal VP, Global Marketing for 6WIND

Phone: +44 7805090701 – neelam.bahal@6wind.com

Deon Wentzel, Managing Director for eComNet

Phone +27 11 040 3350 – deon@ecomnet.co

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