Valéry Huot, Partner, Head Of Innovation Capital, LBO France

Valéry holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris (X90).

Valéry started his career in Australia, working in a joint R&D department with Sydney University on CDMA mobile architectures. Then he worked for the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA), where he managed the technical team involved in the governmental telecommunications satellite project Syracuse III. Then he co-headed the SME Financing Office at the French Treasury, with overall responsibility for private equity market development, SME financing and innovation policy fostering. He played a leading role in laying the foundations for the creation of incubators, early stage funds and public fund-of-funds. Then he co-led the fund-of-fund activity at “Caisse des Dépôts”.

Since 2004, Valéry is managing Innovation Capital, now merged into LBO France. Beyond 6WIND, Valery is Board Member at Crocus Technology, Anevia, Expway, Wandercraft, H4D, Biomodex, ASK and Roctool, and has served at the board of Novaled (acquired by Samsung), Aldebaran (acquired by Softbank), RSI Video (acquired by Honeywell), eFront (acquired by San Francisco Partners), Doubletrade (acquired by Reed Elzevier), UDcast (acquired by One Access).