Jean-Bernard Schmidt, Partner and Chairman, Sofinnova Partners

Jean-Bernard Schmidt is a partner with Sofinnova Partners. He started with Sofinnova in Paris in 1974 as an investment manager. In 1981, he became chairman of Sofinnova Inc. in San Francisco where he participated in Sofinnova’s US funds, in a partnership with Burr, Egan & Deléage, including many investments in information technologies and life sciences investments. He returned to Paris in 1987 to head the Sofinnova group. Building on his US experience, he focused on technology and early stage opportunity investments in the fields of information technologies and life sciences. In 1989, he launched the first Sofinnova Capital fund.

He is a past and current board member of technology companies in the US and France, currently sitting on Wintici, Edrasco and CosmosBay boards. He has also been a board member of Afic (French Venture Capital Association) and Chairman of Evca (European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association).