Françoise Lohézic, Managing Partner, TechFund Europe Management

Françoise is a Partner at TechFund Europe. Prior to the creation of TechFund Europe, Françoise was an Investment Manager at Thomson-CSF Ventures (now Thales Corporate Ventures), a fund she co-founded. She has over 20 years of international venture capital experience, with investments focused on North America and France. Among them: eNGENUITY (TSE: EGY), 3Dplus Electronics ( France), Canesta (US). Previously, Françoise was in charge of Administration and Finance at Alcatel TITN, Information Technology Business Unit.

Françoise currently serves or has served on the Boards of Expway, Qosmetrics (Acquired by Symmetricom), Nextamp (now Thomson Content Security), and Silios Technologies. She also served on the Boards of various North American and French high-tech companies.

Françoise holds degrees in Business Administration from Paris Academy.