6WIND Proves the 5G Virtual Security Gateway Performance

Security Gateways play a pivotal role in securing fixed and mobile communication networks, safeguarding the confidentiality of end-user payload through data encryption, while contributing to overall network integrity through the authentication of network elements.

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Virtualization the 4G/5G Security Gateway

6WIND recently completed a demonstration of its Virtual Security Gateway (vSecGW) , in close collaboration with two of the largest Tier-1 European Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). This white paper illustrates the demonstration and its key results.

The purpose of the demonstration is to prove that the 6WIND Virtual Security Gateway, running on a COTS server without leveraging any specific hardware acceleration, provides scalable IPsec performance of at least 200Gbps aggregate (upstream + downstream) in a realistic 4G/5G set up environment.

Why 6WIND Virtual Security Gateway?

Performance Increase
Server Resources Optimization
Latency Improvement
Reduce Opex/Capex