Virtualization – the New Norm, delivering real-world benefits

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People have been talking about virtualized solutions for a long time, but they are now starting to be deployed in larger numbers. Why? Because the benefits of a secure, open, and multivendor system have never been more important than right now. It’s now the new norm!

Representatives from 6WIND, ADVA and dacoso discuss some recent real-world applications:

Why are open and virtualized solutions the new norm and how they support innovations such as smart cities, IoT and 5G

Responding to COVID-19, including opening and closing locations, and the benefits of zero touch provisioning and LTE access when nobody wants you in their office

The importance of performance and security

How integrators can help operators and end users enjoy the benefits of virtualization without the pain

Ways to mitigate supply chain disruptions due to lockdowns, tariffs, and M&A activity among suppliers

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