6WIND vRouter 3.0 Webinar Replay: New Features Release for Virtual Routing Software

6WIND vRouter 3.0 Webinar Replay

Watch 6WIND’s Webinar to learn about our new vRouter 3.0 release, available for download.

The new 6WIND Turbo Router 3.0 release includes Turbo IPsec and Turbo CG-NAT software packages with license options according to capacity requirements. Turbo Router 3.0 introduces license keys that allow customers to select Border Router, VPN Concentrator and CG-NAT use case functionality and performance, in a single software download.

IP routing features are included in the base Turbo Router Network License configuration, and Turbo IPsec and Turbo CG-NAT features are added through Application Licenses. Throughput, number of tunnels and number of connections can be added and increased as needed. No reinstall or reboot is required for feature additions or capacity increases.

During our Webinar, we show a live demo of our VPN Concentrator vRouter use case.