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Virtual Routing Software Enables Large Scale Data Center Virtualization

Santa Clara, CA and Paris, France, Oct 07, 2020 – 6WIND, a Leading high-performance networking software company, today announced that Marlink, the world’s leading provider of Smart Network Solutions for remote locations, deployed 6WIND Virtual Border Router™ software as vRouters (Virtual Border Routers) to connect and route traffic across its global satellite network for their maritime and enterprise markets. The live deployment includes 6WIND’s vRouters deployed in High Availability configurations across multiple Point of Presence (POP) locations.

High Performance vRouter Software Enables Network Virtualization

Marlink selected server and software router infrastructure to roll out a large scale data center
virtualization solution. Its white box architecture includes HPE ProLiant servers with Intel®
Xeon® CPUs and VMware ESXi hypervisors for virtual machines (VMs). For security, Marlink’s
servers handle more than 100k Access Control Lists (ACLs) that can be configured by their
customers to allow traffic based on IP addresses and ports. These requirements pushed
Marlink’s servers to their limits, requiring additional hardware, or a more scalable software
6WIND solved Marlink’s performance challenge by dramatically increasing the routing
performance with the same number of ACLs configured, all in software. Instead of adding
additional hardware, Marlink deployed 6WIND’s scalable vRouters in VMs on its existing servers
while keeping its infrastructure and management in place. 6WIND’s Virtual Border Router software
scales from 1G to over 100G on Intel Xeon-based servers, giving Marlink the flexibility to
manage and expand its POP locations according to traffic requirements using virtualization
instead of expensive hardware.

“With 6WIND vRouter solution we can increase the performance and scalability of our Smart
Network solutions, with limited impact on existing applications and infrastructure, and continuing

to maintain transparency towards Marlink customers”, commented Alain Bertrand, Chief
Technology Officer, Marlink, “6WIND and vRouter are a good example of how Marlink is
leveraging a large network of technology partners that deliver innovative advanced solutions
that enable Marlink to go above and beyond for their customers”
“Marlink is a leader in providing Smart Network Solutions through large scale virtualized
infrastructure,” said Julien Dahan, CEO at 6WIND. “We are proud that 6WIND’s vRouters
software solutions helps Marlink to deliver mission-critical satellite connectivity through
virtualization around the world.”
6WIND’s vRouter solutions include Virtual Border Router, Virtual Security Gateway and Virtual CG-NAT software
package with license options according to capacity, tunnels and speed connection

About 6WIND

6WIND is a leading high-performance networking software company and the worldwide market
leader for vRouter solutions. 6WIND software is deployed globally by Service Providers,
Systems Integrators and Tier-1 OEMs, allowing customers to replace expensive hardware with
software and virtualization for routing and security use cases. 6WIND has a global presence
with Headquarters based in Paris, France and in Santa Clara, California.

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