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Jean-Mickaël Guérin

Chief Technical Officer

About Jean-Mickaël Guérin

Jean-Mickaël Guérin has been a leading contributor to 6WIND’s R&D team since September 2000 and the software development team leader since 2014 before taking the CTO position in 2018.

He was involved in 6WIND’s original development around multicore architectures, fast packet processing and hardware offloads. Jean-Mickaël serves as 6WIND’s advocate for open and high performance Linux networking, supporting open source projects such as userspace library DPDK.org, and routing suite FRR. 6WIND’s flagship vRouter software includes Jean-Mickaël’s team leadership for its next-generation management framework with programmatic APIs and Yang models.


Jean-Mickaël holds a MSc in Computer Science, with a major in Telecom and Networking, from ENSIMAG (a top French engineering school specializing in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics).

Customer Stories



“Together we designed a secure open Smart City platform that powers edge cloud for IoT, video and next-generation services across our IPv6 network that can further be deployed worldwide across many verticals.”

Volker Bodenbach, WiTCOM

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6WIND’s vRouters have the best virtual packet processing engine we’ve seen on any virtual routing platform. No other products we’ve looked at perform anywhere close to 6WIND

Rick Jenssen, Senior Director of Consulting Systems Engineering

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“6WIND vRouters allowed us to replace our Brocade MLX devices, and upgrade overall performance and security, with software. No other hardware or software solutions were able to achieve these metrics for us previously.”

Matt Ayres, Owner