Unlimited Hypervisor Scaling

6WIND Virtual Accelerator™ provides packet processing acceleration for virtual networking infrastructures used in Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Data Center Virtualization or Network Appliance Virtualization use cases. With 20 Gbps throughput per core, 6WIND Virtual Accelerator is a high performance, low latency software solution to build carrier-grade NFV Infrastructure based on open architectures.

6WIND Virtual Accelerator software solves common hypervisor bottleneck problems that limit the adoption of NFV, data center virtualization and network appliance virtualization on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers. It is installed on the KVM hypervisor to provide accelerated virtual switching and networking features to offer an alternative to SR-IOV or PCI passthrough that break virtualization. With 6WIND Virtual Accelerator, Network Operators can cost-effectively transition from legacy hardware to software-based applications leveraging OpenStack networking.


  • Increase VM and VNF performance without SR-IOV or any changes to the applications
  • Multiple VM density on COTS servers
  • Mirantis Fuel Plugin and Canonical Juju Charm for quick installation


  • Mature solution for high performance I/O leveraging DPDK, with multi-vendor NIC support
  • Accelerated virtual switching (Open vSwitch and Linux bridge) and networking (Overlays, Filtering/NAT, IP, Forwarding, IPsec) using the fastest packet processing algorithms
  • Preserves standard Linux commands (tcpdump, iptables, IPsec/XFRM, etc.) for ease of deployment and operation
  • Supports standard network management tools
  • Supports existing workloads through standard Virtio drivers
  • Scalable software-based switching enables Service Chaining

6WIND Virtual Accelerator Solutions


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