Software Module Support Availability
6WINDGate DPDK Available
DPDK Add-ons
Intel® Multi-Buffer Crypto Available
Intel® QuickAssist Crypto Available
Cavium NITROX SDK 5.x Crypto Available
VMXNET3 Guest VMware PMD Available
Mellanox ConnectX®-3 EN Series PMD Available
VIRTIO Guest XEN-KVM PMD Available
Fast vNIC PMD Available
Emulex OneConnect® OCe14000-series PMD Contact 6WIND
FPN-SDK Available
Fast Path
Fast Path Baseline Available
Ethernet Bridge Contact 6WIND
VLAN Contact 6WIND
VXLAN Available
LAG Contact 6WIND
GRE Contact 6WIND
Forwarding IPv4 Available
Forwarding IPv6 Available
Tunneling (IPinIP) Available
IPsec IPv4 Available
IPsec IPv6 Available
IPsec SVTI Available
Filtering IPv4 Available
Filtering IPv6 Available
NAT Available
Flow Inspection / Packet Capture Available
Multicast IPv4 Available
Multicast IPv6 Available
VNB Baseline Available
VNB VLAN Available
VNB Ethernet Bridge Available
VNB GRE Available
VNB LAG Available
VNB MPLS / VPLS Encapsulation Available
VNB L2TP Available
VNB PPPoE Available
VNB GTP-U Available
OVS Acceleration Available
TCP/UDP Termination IPv4 Available
TCP/UDP Termination add-on IPv6 Available
Fast Path – Linux Synchronization
Fast Path – Linux Synchronization Available
Linux Networking Stack Extensions
VRF Available
Control Plane
Routing Available
Routing add-on – Static Monitored Routes (SMR) Available
Routing add-on – BFD Available
VRRP Available
VNB Link Aggregation & Control Protocol Available
Security – IKEv1 and IKEv2 Available
Security – IKE add-on – VPN Monitoring Available
L2TP/PPPoE BRAS Available
Management (CLI and XML) Available
Distributed Architecture
Control Plane Extensions for Distributed Architecture Available
Fast Path Extensions for Distributed Architecture Available
High Availability
HA Baseline Available
HA ARP/NDP Synchronization Daemon Available
HA Routing Synchronization Daemon Available
HA LACP Synchronization Daemon Available
HA Firewall / NAT Synchronization Daemon Available
6WINDGate Build Framework Contact 6WIND
6WINDGate Distribution Contact 6WIND

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