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Interesting Links and Documents to Share With You

By Eric Carmes - 6WIND Founder and CEO Today, I would like to share some interesting links and documents with you. First, you can find here an interesting post from HP “What’s the right path to a better network solution across the entire enterprise?” explaining how and why data center networks will have to evolve in the near future to apply server and storage virtualization principles to networking. 6WIND recently had an exciting discussion with Adam Wood from High Frequency Traders Read More »

Why can High Performance Packet Processing also Provide Ultra-Low Latency?

By Eric Carmes - 6WIND Founder and CEO High performance multicore software packet processing is designed to be able to process very large amounts of traffic at wire speed. To achieve these performance requirements, it relies on several key architecture design options: A simplified software stack implementing packet processing to be done on each packet (fast path concept), A separation between data plane and control plane with dedicated cores allocated to each plane, A limited use of generic Read More »