Interesting Links I would Like to Share With You

By Eric Carmes – 6WIND Founder and CEO

Today, I would like to share some interesting links with you.

First of all, I like this Intel video that summarizes very well the main challenges the telecom industry has to manage to deploy new services.

The white paper I wrote for EEtimes explains why packet processing software is a key component to enable the deployment of new services, increase performance, simplify the network architecture and optimize power consumption.

As explained in Intel’s video, Traffic Management is obviously very important for optimizing network resources. I strongly recommend Azi Rozen’s Broadband Traffic Management blog. It covers the latest business aspects, service plans and technologies for broadband traffic management.

Another blog I like to read (for techies only…) is Random technical bits and thoughts by Srinivasa Addepalli. A lot of very detailed posts about network security, UTM, large scale NATs, LTE… Great job…

I also noted this post about “A different angle on multicore” on Colin Walls’s blog (Colin is a member of the Marketing team of the Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division).

Good reading.

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