Multicore Processors Multiply in 2010

By Joseph Byrne, Senior Analyst, The Linley Group Eric Carmes alluded in his February 9 post to our Microprocessor Report article “Embedded Rollouts Continue in 2010.” Here is a condensed version for those without access to the article. For more information about the publication, please see 2010 was a year in which multicore suppliers began to deliver on past promises as they sampled the first of their new processors. One theme that emerged and which could become a Read More »

Software Development on Simulated Hardware Platforms

From Vakul Garg ( - Freescale Semiconductor - Design Lead Introduction The advancements in the features provided by the simulated hardware platforms have made them an attractive and viable alternative for use in embedded software development. A simulated hardware platform is a software program that models the behavior of complete system hardware which includes processor(s), RAM, flash, peripheral devices such as Ethernet controllers, UART, hard-disk etc. This typically means Read More »

Interesting Links I would Like to Share With You

By Eric Carmes - 6WIND Founder and CEO Today, I would like to share some interesting links with you. First of all, I like this Intel video that summarizes very well the main challenges the telecom industry has to manage to deploy new services. The white paper I wrote for EEtimes explains why packet processing software is a key component to enable the deployment of new services, increase performance, simplify the network architecture and optimize power consumption. As explained in Intel’s Read More »