6WIND Virtual Accelerator Juju Charm Available for Rapid Deployment of High Performance OpenStack Networking

Santa Clara, CA, October 20, 2016 – 6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, today announced a partnership agreement with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, the leading OS for container, cloud, scale-out and hyperscale computing to distribute 6WIND Virtual Accelerator™, which is hypervisor acceleration software for virtual networking, in its Juju Charm Store. 6WIND Virtual Accelerator has been validated on Canonical’s Ubuntu platform to accelerate cloud networking performance. In addition, both companies worked together to integrate 6WIND Virtual Accelerator with Canonical’s Juju, and a Juju Charm is now available to deliver the high performance and control demanded by Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) and other software networking workloads requiring low latency and high network throughput.

6WIND Virtual Accelerator software solves common hypervisor bottleneck problems that limit the adoption of NFV, data center virtualization and network appliance virtualization on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) servers. It is installed on the KVM hypervisor to provide accelerated virtual switching and networking features to offer an alternative to SR-IOV or PCI passthrough that break virtualization. With 6WIND Virtual Accelerator, Network Operators can cost-effectively transition from legacy hardware to software-based applications leveraging OpenStack networking.

Juju is a model driven operations system that enables you to quickly model, configure, deploy and manage applications in the cloud with only a few commands and use it to deploy hundreds of preconfigured services such as OpenStack, or own code to any public or private cloud. With the 6WIND Virtual Accelerator Juju Charm, server installation is automated and simplified to pushing the “deploy” button to meet performance and latency requirements for VMs and software applications.

6WIND Virtual Accelerator enhances virtual infrastructure with the following key features:

  • Mature solution for high performance I/O leveraging DPDK, with multi-vendor NIC support
  • Accelerated virtual switching (Open vSwitch and Linux bridge) and networking (Overlays, Filtering/NAT, IP Forwarding, IPsec) using the fastest packet processing algorithms
  • Preserves standard Linux commands (tcpdump, iptables, IPsec/XFRM, etc.) for ease of deployment and operation
  • Supports standard network management tools
  • Supports existing workloads through standard Virtio drivers
  • Scalable software-based switching enables Service Chaining

“Performance, latency and ease-of-use are major considerations when leveraging OpenStack for Ubuntu-based NFV and cloud networking,” said Eric Carmès, CEO and Founder of 6WIND. “Our agreement with Canonical gives customers an Ubuntu hypervisor acceleration solution that can be rapidly deployed to increase performance and reduce latency for OpenStack networking.”

“We are pleased to be able to offer the 6WIND Virtual Accelerator in our Juju Charm Store making installation easy for our mutual customers,” said Stefan Johansson, Global Software Alliances Director, Canonical. “6WIND’s expertise in high performance networking will help our customers deploy highly scalable Ubuntu cloud networks in Telco NFV and enterprise data centers. We are delighted to announce 6WIND’s’s participation in our growing ecosystem of Juju charm partners.”

Demonstration at OpenStack Summit, Barcelona, October 24-27 in 6WIND’s booth #C3

We will demonstrate how 6WIND Virtual Accelerator can be transparently deployed in an OpenStack environment using its Juju Charm to provide high performance and low latency NFVI services on 40GE NICs while being configured and monitored by standard Linux tools.

About 6WIND
6WIND’s commercial software solves performance challenges for network vendors in telecom, enterprise and cloud infrastructure markets. The company’s 6WINDGate™ packet processing software is optimized for cost-effective hardware running Linux with a choice of multicore processors to deliver a wide variety of networking and security protocols and features. Based on 6WINDGate, 6WIND Virtual Accelerator™ provides accelerated virtual networking infrastructure and 6WIND Turbo Router™ and 6WIND Turbo IPsec™ are software appliances for bare metal or virtual machine environments. By solving critical data plane performance challenges on multicore architectures, 6WIND delivers a cost-effective value proposition, enabling the transition to the future with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). 6WIND is based near Paris, France with regional offices in China, South Korea and the United States. For more information, visit http://6wind.com.