Vedicis Partners with 6WIND to Unveil Virtualized Policy Control Enforcement and Traffic Detection Platform

Vedicis and 6WIND Deliver Key Component of NFV Architecture with Virtual Network Functions that Help Operators Transform their Legacy Systems for Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

Paris, 16th September, 2014 – Vedicis, a leading vendor of a Software-based DPI-Policy Control platform for Managed Network Operators (MNOs) and Managed Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), and 6WIND, a packet processing software vendor, today launched virtual Policy Control Enforcement (vPCEF) and virtual Traffic Detection Function (vTDF) appliances to support mobile operators in their move towards Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architecture.

The Vedicis solution runs on a standard Intel server and includes:

  • Red Hat OS With KVM hypervisor
  • Open vSwitch
  • 6WINDGate NFV Infrastructure (NFVI)
  • Vedicis Content Smart Switch

NFV is a major shift for MNOs’ core networks to turn to a more flexible and cost effective, yet scalable architecture. While there is significant progress to virtualize control plane functions in OSS and BSS, data plane functions still require technology to be virtualized, especially for packet management at wire speed, for example 10GbE link traffic management. vPCEF and vTDF are required to provide DPI-based advanced charging, bandwidth and congestion control, and traffic visibility for data usage knowledge.

Vedicis’ vPCEF and vTDF appliances leverage the performance and features of the Vedicis Content Smart Switch software platform that is already deployed on standard Intel servers to manage multiple 10 GbE links.

To achieve this level of performance, Vedicis’ virtual appliances interface with 6WINDGate NFVI. At the host level, 6WINDGate NFVI includes accelerated bridging and Open vSwitch to deliver over 10x performance versus standard Linux with no change to the existing architecture and hardware independence for Virtual Network Function (VNF) portability. 6WINDGate NFVI also provides a wide variety of protocols, including IP Forwarding, IPsec and VXLAN.

6WIND’s Fast vNIC driver is integrated into Vedicis’ Content Smart Switch running as a Red Hat KVM guest to exchange packets (external traffic and VM to VM communication) with faster virtual input/output (I/O) technologies.

With 6WINDGate NFVI, Vedicis vPCEF provides the critical building block of DPI-based Policy and Charging Enforcement for a fully virtualized PDN-Gateway and IP core.

Vedicis’ VNFs deliver the following advantages through deployment in KVM and leveraging Open vSwitch:

  • High performance required for MNO traffic
  • Deployment beside other VNFs like firewalls, content delivery networks (CDNs) and video content optimizers, sharing the same hardware platform
  • Multiple vPCEF instances may be deployed on various hardware platforms
  • Supports the orchestration layer in NFV environments

“Our vPCEF and vTDF appliances are a major step for the virtualization of the data plane for Telcos,” comments Theodore Martin, Vedicis CEO. “It is positioned to rapidly become a critical component to control and monetize data traffic in the new NFV architecture for LTE networks.”

“We are proud to provide Vedicis with our 6WINDGate NFVI technology to ensure its vPCEF and vTDF appliances have the performance required for mobile operators to realize the promise of NFV,” said Eric Carmès, Founder and CEO for 6WIND.

6WIND will be at the SDN and Virtualization Summit in Nice, France, September 16-17 in stand #18.

About 6WIND
6WIND’s commercial software solves performance challenges for network vendors in telecom, enterprise and cloud infrastructure markets. The company’s 6WINDGate™ packet processing software is optimized for cost-effective hardware running Linux with a choice of multicore processors to deliver a wide variety of networking and security protocols and features. By solving critical data plane performance challenges on multicore architectures, 6WINDGate enables a cost-effective value proposition, enabling the transition to the future with software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). 6WIND is based near Paris, France with regional offices in China, Japan, South Korea and the United States. For more information, visit

About Vedicis
Vedicis provides Policy Control & Enforcement and Network Traffic Intelligence Solutions to fixed and mobile operators to manage and monetize broadband for better user experience and new revenue streams. Vedicis’ innovative DPI-Policy Enforcement software reaps the benefits of SDN and NFV platforms to help customers solve data congestion issues with better QoS and QoE, and create new services with precise content and bandwidth control depending on user service entitlement. We focus on delivering visibility (granular statistics), intelligence (usage metering for profiling and charging), and control (URLs filtering, application bandwidth enforcement per user, and smart routing for user services and caching) with rapid ROI, scalability and fast integration.
Vedicis is headquartered in Paris, France. For more information, please visit

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