Build High Performance Networking Solutions on COTS Servers

Network Builders, including Telcos, Cloud Providers and Enterprises of all sizes, have many options to solve networking challenges through the evolution of technology. This evolution happened on several fronts. Its driven by consumer needs, vendor limitation and technology commoditization. In the broadest sense, technology over time continues to become faster, better and cheaper.

Today, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers can do things that previously only expensive hardware equipment could do. This transition is entirely possible on COTS servers, but only with the proper software.

At 6WIND, our vision is that the future is software. Software lets you buy products and services based on your needs. Software enables complex computing functions to be commoditized over time. Software is the key to letting you become a best-of-breed consumer.

6WIND offers plug-and-plug Turbo Appliance software that let’s customers consume networking solutions directly on their COTS servers. For customers that require customization, we also offer 6WINDGate source code for Linux Networking and Virtual Accelerator software packages for hypervisor networking. Both models offer Network Builders an incremental software upgrade path from bare metal to virtual according to requirements.

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