Virtualize to Do More with Less

With virtualization, networking resources can be deployed into cloud layers for service creation and deployment. This is applicable to any SaaS vendor or cloud services provider, or anybody looking to build cheap networking infrastructure that is scalable. It is the falling cost of technology enabled by virtualization that is the most relevant here. However, cheaper costs from economies of scale can only be realized if several obstacles are overcome first.

Cloud Service Providers such as OVH take a strategic, visionary approach to build vRouter technology with 6WIND to save costs and increase flexibility within dozens of data centers. In OVH’s example, two legacy hardware routers each handling 120 Gbps throughput were replaced by four vRouters each handling 160 Gbps throughput, saving 90% of the cost. A global data center rollout has since followed. A 6WIND blog on this topic can be found here.

6WIND Software for Data Centers

6WIND Turbo Router and Turbo IPsec Software Appliances: Ready to-use vRouter software network appliances, to be deployed in bare metal environments or as virtual machines on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers.

6WIND Virtual Accelerator: Reduces compute resources to maximize VM density and performance with non-intrusive virtual switch acceleration and network infrastructure features including multi-tenancy, routing and firewall. Eliminates SR-IOV and PCI Passthrough to preserve virtualization.

6WINDGate: Source code for high performance Linux networking to build custom vRouter appliance and hypervisor solutions.

6WIND Solutions by Industry

Public and Private Cloud Service Providers Deliver fast innovative services and increase workload density by improving your servers’ networking capabilities with 6WIND technology.
Platform Vendors Provide Cloud Service Providers with high performance servers based on 6WIND technology.
Integrators Build innovative pre-integrated solutions leveraging high performance virtualization for Cloud Service Providers based on 6WIND technology.

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