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6WIND Demos Virtual Accelerator Running on HP

December 5, 2014 

6WIND at HP Discover in Barcelona demonstrated its Virtual Accelerator operating at 240 Gbps wire speed. It was on an HP server running an IP Router Virtual Machine.

“By deploying 6WIND’s Virtual Accelerator on HP servers, customers can increase VM bandwidth and density and enable the transition to NFV,” says Claus Pedersen, director, Server Telco and NFV, at HP.

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Intel Dead-Ends Its Fork of Open vSwitch

November 25th, 2014 

Intel Dead-Ends Its Fork of Open vSwitch

Intel’s own version of the open source project, commonly called OVDK, was being crafted specifically to work with Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK). But as early as a year ago, the company started making plans to drop that project and instead work with the mainstream branch of OVS…

6WIND, a software company whose forte is accelerating things, happens to like Intel’s approach. 6WIND accelerates OVS by running 6WIND’s own networking stack (packet processing for Layers 2 through 4) in user space rather than using the stack that’s in kernel space — the same method Intel is pursuing.

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Roving Reporter: A New Solution for High Performance HTTP Networking

October 2014

With HTTP the primary protocol for fast-growing IoT applications – everything from static web content delivery networks (CDNs) to web cache servers and HTTP security – developers need a cost-effective way to handle lots of sessions with low-bandwidth traffic.

From a server total cost of ownership point-of-view, it’s preferable to handle tens of millions of these low-bandwidth sessions running on a single server rather than a team of servers each running hundreds of thousands of low-bandwidth sessions. But how can you do that?

The answer comes in three parts. The first part is 6WINDGate* packet-processing software.

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Accelerate SDN and NFV with Off-the-Shelf Software

September 2014 (10th Edition)

The proprietary, hardware-driven telecommunications and networking architectures that have served us so well for the past 20 years are beginning to strain under the demands of mobile users and high-bandwidth video. The foundation of the future is software-driven networks based on technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) running on industry-standard multi-core platforms optimized for communications.

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Vedicis, 6WIND Unveil Virtualized Policy Enforcement and Traffic Detection Functions

September 21, 2014

Vedicis, a leading vendor of a Software-based DPI-Policy Control platform, and 6WIND, a packet processing software vendor, this week launched the virtual Policy Control Enforcement (vPCEF) and virtual Traffic Detection Function (vTDF) appliances to support mobile operators in their move towards Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) architecture.

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NFV Platforms Accelerate The Network Transition

May 20, 2014

The elevator pitch for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is simple: why make massive investments in custom equipment when standard servers can do the job – and with far better flexibility? The reality, of course, is much more complicated.

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NFV Performance And Its Importance

May 16th, 2014 

As network functions virtualization (NFV) continues its evolution from lab to proofs-of-concepts (POCs), early field trials (EFTs), and implementation, early adopters are discovering both the power of virtualization and its limits.

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OpenDaylight Project Expands with Avaya, 6WIND and H3C Technologies

Mar. 27, 2014

The OpenDaylight Project got three new members in 6WIND, Avaya and H3 Technologies. Since launching a year ago, membership for the OpenDaylight Project has more than doubled, with the number of companies involved now reaching 35. The community has also grown to more than 170 developers.

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High Performance Virtual Switch For SDN/NFV

Mar. 26, 2014

This article in Intel Embedded Community reviews the demonstration shown by 6WIND at the Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, California and NFV and SDN Summit in Paris showing OVS acceleration reaching 195 Gbps.

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Calsoft Labs Offers NFV Systems Integration With 6WIND

Feb. 14, 2014

6WIND debuts a live high performance Broadband Remote Access Server (vBRAS) network functions virtualization (NFV) demo that addresses residential broadband and Evolved Packet Core (EPC) requirements with Calsoft Labs, Intel DPDK and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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What’s The Difference Between SDN and NFV

Jan. 19, 2014

In this article, Kelly LeBlanc, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing, describes two software technologies that are driving the networking transition: Software Defined Networking (SDN), which makes it easier to build and efficiently manage large complex networks and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to increase telecom network resource utilization while reducing the costs associated with developing, trialing and deploying new services.

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Delivering Data Plane Acceleration for ETSI’s First Approved NFV PoC

Jan. 16th, 2014 

Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND, addresses the recent ETSI approval of the CloudNFV Proof-of-Concept (PoC) application submitted by the CloudNFV™ initiative. The CloudNFV architecture provides end-to-end NFV implementation and is key to cost-effective deployments. The CloudNFV architecture addresses these performance challenges by incorporating 6WIND’s data plane acceleration software, both in the virtual switch and in those virtual network functions (VNFs) that need significant data plane processing.

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EE Catalog

SDN and NFV – Choosing the Right Line

Nov. 12th, 2013

Markets are changing at an incredible pace and telecom operators, network service providers and large enterprise IT departments are hampered by an expensive, inflexible network infrastructure. Charlie Ashton from 6WIND discusses the proposed solution: move from today’s “hardwired” proprietary hardware-driven networks to virtualized, software-driven functions running on standard server platforms.

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SDN World Congress Day One

Oct. 16, 2013

While at the SDN World Congress, CIMI Corp. had a chance to talk with Charlie Ashton of 6WIND and see a first hand demo of how 6WINDGate improves data path acceleration in NFV. In the demo Charlie setup a server with an OVS connected to a load generator and pumped over a dozen ports full of information and measured the performance. Then did the same thing again with 6WINDGate installed you can instantly see packet throughput was increased about 15 times, and the variation in performance per port and port-level jitter were cut to less than a third of their original values.

Ixia Empowers 6WIND to Deliver High Performance Packet Processing for Software-Defined Networks

Oct. 14, 2013

As network throughput requirements increase with data center convergence, enterprise expansion and new service deployments, network professionals are required to deliver high performance in both physical and virtual environments. “We require the highest performing traffic generators to develop, test and demonstrate our products,” said Vincent Jardin, CTO, 6WIND. “In order to benchmark the latest releases of our software, we need best-in-class Layer 4 through 7 test equipment and Ixia is our vendor of choice.”

Solving the Data Plane Performance Challenges for NFV

Oct. 7, 2013

As two of the founding members of CloudNFV, 6WIND and Dell are dedicated to creating a technical framework and demonstration platform for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) based on cloud computing and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies in a multi-vendor environment. In the article Charlie Ashton, from 6WIND, discusses how 6WINDGate™ running on Dell server platforms address the key data plane challenges associated with NFV deployment.

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CloudNFV™ Unveils Open Framework, Guidelines for Industry Participation, and Public Demonstration Timeline

Aug. 14, 2013

CloudNFV™ announced the technical framework and public demonstration schedule of an open platform for implementing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) based on cloud computing and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies in a multi-vendor environment. CIMI Corporation President, Tom Nolle, is the architect and facilitator of CloudNFV and the other founding members include 6WIND, Dell, EnterpriseWeb, Overture and Qosmos. These companies each bring unique technologies and expertise to complete the framework needed to demonstrate the multi-vendor CloudNFV vision.

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Featured Interview: 6WIND Targets NFV’s Performance Bottlenecks

Aug. 05, 2013

This is the third installment of SDN Centrals NFV interview series by Roy Chua features Eric Carmès. Eric initially explains 6WIND’s unique position in the NFV ecosystem with 6WINDGate. He then goes into detail about the cost-effectiveness of NFV, and how 6WINDGate solved issues associated with NFV for clients who adopted our 6WINDGate software as their standard data plane platform, and suppliers of networking functions can accelerate their time-to-market while focusing their own engineering resources on their unique value-add.

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Increasing Your ROI with Optimized Networking Solutions for Multi-Tenant Data Centers

June 25, 2013

In this Guest Post by Charlie Ashton, he explores that as the industry moves to new, more cost-effective and flexible technologies, the reality is that some of the standard technologies that are in use today were not designed to handle the higher application workloads, increased networking traffic and new types of traffic patterns that are being generated. He goes on to illustrate in three examples, how 6WINDGate™ solves the critical performance challenges found in SDN and NFV implementations.

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Servers, Clouds, NFVs, and Apples

June 10, 2013

In his June 10, 2013 post, Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corp. identifies 6WIND as the first player having a network software stack for Linux that’s designed to harness the full capabilities of any hardware-level acceleration (like Intel’s DPDK) and to improve performance even when there’s no special hardware available.

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6WIND at Red Hat Summit

June 6, 2013

As a Summit Sponsor, this brief article focuses on how new technologies, such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are reshaping datacenter network architectures and solutions.

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Network Functions Virtualization Primer: Software Devices Take Over

May 2013

This article by David Jacobs describes the benefits and challenges of using network functions virtualization, NFV, to replace dedicated hardware with software to which Charlie Ashton stated, ” Before SDN can transform the network industry, we must really understand what it is.”

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Don’t Forget the Data Plane Challenges as You Plan for NFV

May 13, 2013

Virtualizing hundreds of CRAN, CPE or complex EPC functions on a single server requires high performance network bandwidth to be distributed to the virtualized functions. Standard virtualized architectures that work well for computing applications are unable to deliver the required performance for these demanding network applications. In this Feature Article written for SDN World News, Charlie Ashton discusses solutions for these virtualized implementations as well as a brief overview of NFV.

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The Birth of the Network Function Virtualization ISV Community

April 30, 2013

Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst at Doyle Research, talks about how the telecom and network industry is noticeably lacking in software suppliers outside the traditional network equipment (software integrated in a box) model, with the exception of operational support and billing suppliers (OSS/BSS). 6WIND is one of the few suppliers willing to take the risk and move forward and develop software for the growing NFV market.

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The Birth of the Network Function Virtualization ISV Community

April 30, 2013

This article by Lee Doyle, Principal Analyst at Doyle Research, is the same article as the one above.

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ONS 2013 Round-Up: Wrapping Up the Open Networking Summit

April 25, 2013

In his reflections on this year’s ONS Summit, author Roy Chua provides high marks for a demo of a 6WINDGate-accelerated Open vSwitch (OVS) instance on an HP server with Intel XEON processors. “Definitely something to consider for anyone deploying softswitches in cloud data centers (KVM + OVS anyone?),” said Roy of 6WINDGate.

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Virtual Switch Acceleration

April 4, 2013

In this Featured Post on SDNCentral, Eric Carmès, 6WIND’s CEO, discusses the need for high-performance virtual switches in data centers. Eric explains how 6WIND’s accelerated virtual switch solution provides significant improvements in switching performance, leading to increased VM density and reduced OPEX for multi-tenant data centers.

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Data Plane Performance Is Critical for Cost-Effective SDN Implementations

March 13, 2013

In this Featured Post by Charlie Ashton, we find out why from the perspective of the network operator or service provider, SDN promises significant improvements in CAPEX, in OPEX, in network manageability and in the time required to deploy new network-oriented applications. Charlie also discusses on why standard operating systems and hypervisors present performance challenges for networking, and how 6WINDGate address those challenges.

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The Tale of the Right SDN/NFV Questions

March 1, 2013

In this article by Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corp., a handful of companies that demonstrate something as a collection. He credits 6WIND as “a company I’ve noted as the first to make a credible positioning in the Network Functions Virtualization space.

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Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND on SDN, NFV and Commoditization of Networking

February 12, 2013

With all the recent acquisitions of software-centric SDN players, Roy Chua catches up with Eric Carmès, CEO and Founder of 6WIND, to get his thoughts on the shift to software-centricity in the networking industry, as well as his views on SDN, NFV and commoditization of the networking market.

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SDN: From Slideware to Software in 2013?

January 10, 2013

Software Defined Networks, SDN, is making the move from debated topic to a viable technology alternative in 2013 according to Kurt Marko. He explains how the purchase of SDN startups is starting to take more and more of the Ethernet switch market with early projections of $3.7 billion by 2016.

Mobility Techzone Announces Winners of the LTE Visionary Awards

January 3, 2013

Mobility Techzone, a media site dedicated to the mobile broadband industry, announced its winners of the 2012 LTE Visionary Awards, which includes 6WIND’s 6WINDGate Mobile Edition Software.

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Uniting SDN and NFV

November 13, 2012

Tom Nolle, President of CIMI Corp., identifies 6WIND as the first to present an explicit NFV position and obviously the first to link a solution to both SDN and NFV. “In fact,” says Nolle, “I think they may have a more interesting contribution to SDN than players who are normally associated with the concept.”

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NCarrier Policy Control and Making the Customer King

Summer 2012

As more MNOs start to roll out NaaS products, equipment providers are also challenged to create cost-effective platforms that meet the demands of the new model. Providing virtual networks with wire-speed performance requires high-performance platforms based on cost-effective commodity processors. Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing, explains how advanced architectures for packet processing software are required in order to develop cost-effective platforms for network monetization.

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Optimize the Cost-Performance of LTE Networking Equipment

September 6, 2012

This article by Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing, describes how, in order to achieve the necessary wire-speed performance for large numbers of virtual networks, the underlying software architecture of LTE networking equipment must provide optimized support for key technologies such as virtualization, SDN and DPI.

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Optimize the Cost-Performance of LTE Networking Equipment

September 2012

This article by Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing, is the same article by Charlie Ashton in EECatalog above.

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6WIND Awarded 2012 Systematic Success Story Prize

June 2012

At the heart of the digital revolution, the goals of Systematic, a world-class French Cluster, are to develop the regional economy, boost the competitiveness of local companies and support employment growth by leveraging innovation, training and partnership opportunities. 6WIND joined Systematic in 2009 and is very proud to have been awarded the 2012 Systematic Success Story prize for the 6WINDGate packet processing solution. This prize rewards 6WIND for it’s first-class technology and its contribution to the development of innovation in the Paris region. (in French)

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6WIND’s 6WINDGate Cloud Edition

June 2012

This issue of Linux Journal features the 6WINDGate Cloud Edition product, describing how it enables suppliers of both physical and virtual appliances for data centers to accelerate their time-to-market while delivering new cloud-optimized solutions with the best possible cost/performance.

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Application Portability for Multi-Core Packet Processing Becomes Reality

October 2011

This article, by by Brian Carr, Strategic Marketing Manager at Emerson Network Power and Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing (page 16), describes how network processor vendors are facing strong competition from mainstream CPUs, how the optimized fast path software environment from 6WIND enables users to consider changing architectures, and how AdvancedTCA® blades from Emerson Network Power allow choices to be realized in practice.

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The Tinker’s Toolbox – Charlie Ashton of 6WIND and Jim St. Leger of Intel on Packet Processing

October 4, 2011

In this podcast produced by ECN, Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing and Jim St. Leger, Technical Marketing Manager at Intel, discuss the benefits of 6WINDGate’s optimized support for the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (Intel DPDK) and providing a comprehensive set of networking and security features for Intel architecture-based mobile infrastructure and cloud networking products.

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Choosing the Right Hardware/Software Configuration is Vital in Mitigating Development Risk

August 11, 2011

This article, by Gene Juknevicius, Technologist and Architect at GE Intelligent Platforms and Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing, describes how the right combination of platform hardware and software mitigates the risks of adopting multicore processors for high-performance telecom equipment.

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Multicore Plus Optimized Packet Processing Software: A Solution to the Growing Demand for New Network Capacity

March 3, 2011

Paul Stevens, Advantech’s Telecom Sector Marketing Director and Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing discuss how Advantech, using multicore processing blades with 6WIND’s packet-processing software solution, has reduced the overall power consumption of one of their systems from 730W to just over 400W.

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How Multicore Packet Processing Software Enables Cost-Effective Equipment for 4G Networks

December 15, 2010

This article by Charlie Ashton, 6WIND’s VP of Marketing, discusses how specialized software, designed for high-performance processing of network packets and optimized for multicore processors, enables system designers to meet the conflicting goals of high traffic rates, low system power and minimum system cost.

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Multicore-Based AdvancedTCA Architectures: High Availability Key in Networking Layer

November 18, 2009

6WIND’s CEO, Eric Carmès, discusses the impact of equipment high availability requirements on a multicore based networking layer.

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Multicore Progressively Powers Networking Equipment with High-Performance Software

November 13, 2009

Eric Carmès, 6WIND’s CEO, explains how a well-designed software solution can leverage multicore processors to maximize packet processing performance while also minimizing power and cost. It shows how such a solution benefits networking, telecom, and security equipment and how what was once viewed as purely a hardware problem is best addressed through intelligently designed software.

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Multicores Can Transform IP-Based Wired/Wireless Networking

September 23, 2009

The October 2009 issue of Embedded Systems Design magazine is dedicated to multicore. 6WIND’s CEO contributed this article, selected as the cover story for the October issue.

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AdvancedTCA System Design and Integration for Next-Generation Networks

April/May 2009 Issue

Eric Carmes, CEO of 6WIND, discusses how focusing on the multicore-based communications layer reduces development time and costs significantly and accelerates time-to-market for the efficient, integrated, low-cost equipment the NGN market needs.

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Challenges for Designing Telecoms/ Networking Applications on Top of Multi-Core Environments

June 30, 2008

Eric Carmes, CEO of 6WIND, describes the recent introduction of Multi-Core (MC) processor technology and how it is bringing a smart solution to run several processors in parallel while keeping power consumption under acceptable limits.

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Multicoeur le Logiciel Enfoui Répond Résent

June 30, 2008

(article in French)

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Dossier Multicoeur le Logiciel Enfoui Répond Présent

June 30, 2008

(article in French)

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